The Basics of In-Office Teeth Whitening

Are you looking for a non-invasive and a quick way to enhance your smile? If so, various procedures in teeth whitening Preston has today might just be the answer you need. Professional in-office teeth whitening, widely known as power bleaching is the most popular dental procedure performed today. In-office teeth whitening enables the dentist to use a more powerful gel. A specialised laser is used in the procedure to activate the gel and allow bleaching to work faster.

Teeth Whitening Preston

An in-office Preston teeth whitening procedure takes about 90 minutes. The number of visits you make to your dentist depends on the method used, how white you expect your teeth to get, and how severe the stains on your teeth are. Understand that stains respond differently to the in-office treatment used.

The reason in-office teeth whitening in Preston is preferred is because, despite the concentration of the agents used, the rest of your mouth is fully covered during the procedure. Before a high concentration of whitening agent is placed on your teeth, a substance that covers the gums around the teeth is applied. That means that your gums among other parts of your mouth are protected from the materials. The whitening of the external surfaces; usually the first eight teeth accomplishes a total lightening during treatment under the supervision of a dentist.

There are agents that are activated by special lights, laser light, or special light from the two lights. After the administration of the whitening agent, the light is then shone on the teeth. In-office teeth whitening Preston has are carried out under strict monitoring for a safer and a pain-free procedure.

In-office Teeth Whitening Advantages

1.    Produces speedy results

2.    Is the safest procedure of tooth bleaching

3.    It is easy to control tooth and gum sensitivity due to thicker peroxide gels and the use of desensitisers.


1.    It can be hard to predict results for factors such as heredity and age

2.    It is more expensive than the take home alternatives

3.    Teeth can accumulate stain soon after the procedure

In-Office Teeth Whitening Candidature

In-office teeth whitening Preston has is not suitable for people that have the following:

1.    Gum and tooth hypersensitivity. For such people, the dentist could recommend take-home trays that contain low carbamide peroxide concentration.

2.    Intractable staining. There are stains that are highly resistant to in-office bleaching. Should you have such, the dentist could recommend a supervised intensive take-home bleaching regime.

3.    Teeth that have come to a transparent state with age.

The combination of chemicals used can lighten up the teeth up to ten shades within an hour. There are a number of bleaching systems available, and they all have slight variations in the gels. With the variation and other factors such as age that vary with patients, the number of applications needed to produce the desired lightening level could vary. In fact, there are those that will get immediate results on the first in-office procedure, and there are those that will require up to four treatments. For the best teeth whitening Preston has today, choose a professional and a credible dentist. For more details please visit this site