Reasons for Hair Loss and How You Can Help It

Hair loss can happen to anybody and can be equally as traumatic to both men and women. Hair loss shampoo can certainly help the situation. What if you could find out what is causing your hair loss to begin with? Hair loss happens for many more reasons. You don’t just lose hair because you are growing older.  There are many things that cause temporary hair loss as well and it’s not always the unfortunate situation that you have the balding gene. These days there are things that everyone can do about it before you purchase that hair loss shampoo Brisbane has.


Yes, being pregnant can cause temporary hair loss. This is the perfect situation where a hair loss shampoo Brisbane has can help you. Giving birth puts a tremendous toll on your body. It is not generally the actual pregnancy that makes you lose hair. It is right afterwards.

Vitamin A overdose and Protein deficiency

People take lots of vitamins nowadays. They mix a lot of over-the-counter supplements together without really knowing that negative side effects can occur. People think that if it was over the counter, then it must be safe. Nothing could be further from the truth. Vitamin overdose is as bad as vitamin deficiency.  If you reduce your vitamin A back to normal and up your protein levels, you could begin seeing some hair growth. You can also use the Brisbane hair loss shampoo to help boost your hair growth.

Male and female pattern baldness and heredity

It is true that hair loss comes from your genes. Two thirds of men lose hair by the time they are sixty years old. Hair loss shampoo can help dramatically maintain the hair that you have and grow new hair. Don’t give up; there are options out there for Alopecia and male pattern baldness.

Emotional and Physical Stress

Major life events can trigger stress hormones which in turn trigger hair loss. Combating anxiety is extremely important. Things like yoga and meditation can keep the stress levels at bay and the hair on your head growing.


If you have an iron deficiency you may need to find hair loss shampoo in Brisbane. If you are losing hair and do not know why, get a test to see if you are anemic. This can cause temporary hair loss in the same way that emotional and physical stress do.

Other reasons for hair loss

  • Overactive immune system. Good news is your immune system is working overtime to flush out illness. The bad news is that it sees your hair as a foreign invader that it needs to banish.
  • Vitamin B deficiency which you can take supplements for.
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Lupus
  • Big weight losses
  • Chemotherapy because it destroys rapidly developing bad cells. It also destroys the same good cells because it can’t tell the difference. Your hair is one of them.
  • Polycystic ovary syndrome

Don’t suffer alone

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