Medicine Crash Course: Podiatry

Our feet are so important to us, being the very organs that mobilize us from one place to another. That is why a field of medicine has been dedicated solely to taking care of the feet: podiatry. The podiatry Perth has today aims to take care of your feet so that you will not be handicapped from your everyday activities. It also aims to remove pain or whatever form of discomfort for you to carry on with your day to day tasks. This article aims to explain what podiatry is and how it is beneficial to you.

What is Podiatry?

As stated above, podiatry is a branch of medicine that specializes on the diagnosis, surgical and medical treatment of disorders and abnormalities concerning the ankle, foot, and everything that is located at the lower extremities (toes included). The doctors of podiatry Perth has now went through the major areas of medicine before getting the title, namely: emergency medicine, general anesthesiology, general surgery, pathology, internal medicine, physical therapy, sports medicine and many others.

The podiatry Perth has today is governed by the Australian Podiatry Council. It indicates that the duties of a podiatrist include diagnosing, treating, preventing and rehabilitating tendons, muscles, bones and joints that are found in the lower extremities of the patient. If the situation requires, a surgery can be done to correct the abnormality or the injury that has inflicted the patient.

Scope of work

The scope of work varies from country to country. In Australia, however, the scope of work for podiatrists is basically uniformed by the Australian Podiatry Council. These duties include:

· Performing surgery

· Performing reconstructive micro-surgeries

· Administering anesthetics and sedatives

· Performing complete medical examinations and looking through medical history

· Prescribing medicines (pain relievers, antibiotics, etc.)

· Taking and interpreting MRI’s, X-rays, ultrasound and other image mapping results

· Prescribing and administering orthotics, casts, prosthetics and insoles

· Being a health consultant for athletes and sports personalities

There are two stages of professional accreditation and privilege in Australia: General Podiatrist and a specialty called Podiatric Surgeon. These two stages are able to do basically the same number of tasks aside from surgery. There are times where metabolic and physiological diseases damage the lower extremities. Diabetes for example causes wounds to rot over time. This condition sometimes leaves podiatrists with no choice but to remove the part so that it will not eat up the whole foot. Some professions like being in sports exert so much wear and tear that the bones, muscles, joints and tendons develop damage and sometimes end up to tears. Some of the most common tendons that tend to tear are the Achilles tendon in the ankle and the Medial Melolous. Although these things might sound complicated, it can be done in a Perth foot clinic. Visit at Preston Podiatry

Things to remember

The work ethic, and the past experiences of the patients that have went through a podiatrist are very important to consider before choosing the best podiatry in Perth. Do not worry about the price because this field of medicine is usually covered by your healthcare policy especially if you are from Australia. So, make sure that you choose the most qualified and the best doctor in town.