Simple And Unique Wedding Cake Decoration Ideas!

When budgeting for a wedding, most bride-to-be’s feel that a considerable amount must be set aside not just for the dress but for the wedding cake as well. A wedding dress can cost a lot to look as well as feel beautiful and comfortable, but a wedding cake is a different matter! Check out our many ideas for wedding cake toppers and decorations below to get a cake that’s not just affordable but also delicious and a sight to behold!

wedding cake toppers


You may think that sweets are great only for cakes at children’s birthday parties, but the right candies can suit a wedding too. Take a cue from the unique wedding cake toppers Australia has at and add chocolate to your cake! Hershey’s kisses or chocolate chips, for example, are a delicious garnish to just about any cake flavor. Sprinkles and marshmallows you often see as toppings in ice cream and cupcakes can brighten up a plain wedding cake. If your wedding motif is green, why not go for M&Ms in green and even red and blue for a fun touch!


“But biscuits are for snacks and tea, not for a wedding cake!” Not exactly! When used well, biscuits, pretzels, and even graham crackers can do wonders to make your cake not just look but also taste scrumptious. They can be used as a good cake bottom or base and even a layer between different cake flavors. Crushed graham crackers, which are used as a cheesecake crust, can be used as decoration, especially when powdered over wedding cakes with a gold or brown motif or an autumn theme.

Fruit slices

Eating cake is really considered a treat nowadays because it is such a rich and, well, fattening dessert, but that doesn’t have to end there! Get some nutrients out of the deal too by adding healthy as well as edible cake toppers in the form of fruits. Berries and cherries are the most popular toppings, but you can also go for more exotic fruits like watermelon, mango, and avocado, cut in the shape and style you like!

Other cake decorations

Nuts like sugared almonds or chopped cashew nuts, can be an interesting and healthy cake topping too, though you might want to steer clear unless you’re absolutely certain none of your wedding guests have allergies to nuts.

For non-edible decorating ideas, ribbons of silk or satin and lace can do wonders to dress up a simple wedding cake, but be sure to keep these strategically placed on the outside of the cake. Also don’t forget that with fondant icing and gum paste, you can create just about any figure to make your wedding cake as unique and striking as possible!

Beautiful wedding cake toppers don’t have to be expensive and hard to get to make your cake look unforgettable. Our suggestions above can be easily found at the nearest grocery and won’t make your wedding cake baker charge you sky-high rates. Now you can enjoy the wedding of your dreams without exceeding your budget!

Authentic Asian Cuisine With Marion’s Kitchen

Ever had a failed attempt at an authentic Asian dinner using a Pad Thai recipe that looked easy at first glance? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Asian cuisine is particularly difficult to imitate especially if you didn’t grow up with it. There are so many factors that come into play that spells the difference between plain Singapore noodles and noodles that taste and look like they were actually cooked in Singapore.

People want to recreate an authentic Asian meal so they resort to making everything from scratch, searching for ingredients at obscure imported goods sections at groceries. However, it is difficult to replicate everything. For one thing, vegetables grown in Australia differ from those grown in Asia.

Recipes also come into play. Things like Thai curry recipes are precious secrets passed down from one generation to another. Even so-called authentic Asian cuisine is not entirely authentic – that honor is reserved for the real thing cooked in households for family dinners. However, some people are not contented with the typical Asian restaurant fare – they want the real thing, or something close to it.

Marion’s Kitchen

Marion Grasby is an esteemed chef with a mission. Although she has traveled all over the world, the taste of home cooking has never left her. So now, by using her family’s recipes, she has created Marion’s Kitchen. Her food range has helped busy people enjoy authentic Asian cuisine minus an expensive restaurant bill or a huge mess in the kitchen. Each box contains a recipe plus pre-packaged ingredients so that even beginners can make tasty Asian dinners in just a few minutes.

All products in the food range follow authentic Thai recipes that were passed down from generation to generation in Marion’s family. Now, everyone can enjoy and appreciate a good Asian meal, filled with bold flavors, tantalizing scents and appetizing spices. As with most Asian meals, the recipes are often a combination of meats, vegetables and rice or noodles, making it a perfect meal option for people who have a busy schedule but still want a tasty, nutritious meal.

Among Marion’s many products, the following have become home favorites among Australians:

  • Pad Thai recipe
  • San Choy Bow
  • Korma
  • Thai Green Curry

Marion’s Kitchen has gained steady ground in the Australian market and is now gaining a lot of love in parts of Asia and India. If you visit her website, Marion does more than just offer Pad Thai recipe. You can also find several recipes on the website that feature anything from rice, to chicken, to vegetables. All recipes on the site are authentic and easy to follow, even for those in a rush.

Some people think that you can only get the authentic flavor when you start from scratch and use only the best and most natural ingredients. However, Marion’s Kitchen offers not only natural and organic ingredients, but the ingredients were put together by someone who lived and breathed Asian cuisine for most of her life. You can’t go wrong with that.

So the next time you want to impress friends, relatives or even that special someone with a nice, simple authentic Asian dinner, you don’t have to go stress yourself over Asian ingredient hunting. Simply grab a box of Marion’s Kitchen’s authentic Asian meal recipes, follow the ingredients and savor the taste of authentic Asian cuisine without breaking a sweat.

Pavlova, the magic dessert of Australia and New Zealand

The success of any event or party is dependent on the choice of menu, quality and the taste of the food that you serve. In countries like Australia and New Zealand, recipes like the Pavlova have been the first choice of almost every person; be it the middle class or upper class. According to historical records, Pavlova was exclusively crafted in the honor of the popular Russian dancer Ballerina Anna Pavlova during her visit to Australia and New Zealand during 1920. Since then food service pavlova has become a popular menu in all the parties, events and also on the menu card of popular hotels and food joints.

food service pavlova

Taste and pleasant aroma:

Pavlova is popular for its pleasant aroma and mouthwatering taste. In addition to this, it is also a balanced and healthy diet. Basically, Pavlova is one of the meringue based desserts which have a rich topping of whipped white cream and fresh fruits.  In order to make the dessert light, now mostly every food service pavlova uses cream with reduced fat. Some of the food services also use fat-free Greek Yogurt and splash it with powdered sugar and Vanilla. The topping of this dessert can be made a few days in advance and then stored in the refrigerator.

Enhances the health:

For purposes of topping, you can use any suitable fruit of your choice. But, in order to enhance the elegance of the dessert, normally, every food service pavlova prefers strawberry and kiwi. Moreover, as you know, these two fruits are rich in Vitamin ‘C’, ‘E’, Fiber, Magnesium and Potassium which bring about the positive effect on your health.

Preparation method:

Basically, Pavlova is prepared by beating egg whites and heating it to a certain level of consistency. To this, you should add vinegar, caster sugar, cornflour, lemon juice and vanilla essence. In order to bring out exclusive taste and aroma, some of the popular cafes have introduced certain exclusive changes both in the basic ingredients and the method for preparation of this great dessert. It is said the changes in the ingredients and the preparation method has been made so as to make the dessert light and not fatty. For any cafe pavlova, it takes about 30 to 45 minutes to prepare Pavlova and another about one hour for the dessert to cool.

64-meter long Pavlova!

Perhaps, there is no hotel or food joint in Australia and New Zealand where Pavlova does not find a prominent place in the menu card. Although pavlova and meringue are in demand throughout the year, they are very popular during summer and also during the Christmas season. The popularity of this dessert can be effectively highlighted by the fact that in 1999, a 64-meter long Pavlova was crafted to celebrate the first anniversary of New Zealand’s national Museum.

The uniqueness of Australian Pavlova:

Interestingly, it is said that Australian Pavlova recipe is based on jelly rather than the traditional recipe of egg whites. As already said, this change might have been effected so as to bring out exclusive taste and aroma for the Australian version of pavlova. If you want to enjoy this mouthwatering dessert, you may visit any of the popular and reputed hotels or food joints like the These hotels and food joints are popular for bringing out Pavlova with exclusive taste and aroma and you would enjoy every bit of this great dessert.

Fun Ideas for Party Venues Kids Are Guaranteed To Enjoy

Remember those days wherein you hosted a party for your kids at home? Those times were probably filled with so much chaos and stress! Not to mention, you would have to deal with a ton of work to clean everything up once the party is over. For this reason, choosing party venues Healesville can offer is a great idea for your child’s birthday bash, or any kids party for that matter.

party venues healesville

Why Hire Party Venues?

Before you start looking for birthday party venues for your child, you might want to reason with yourself that hosting from home is a lot cheaper. But there are a lot of benefits to choosing party venues Healesville has today to hold the event that will make the cost sensible.

One clear example is that you can guarantee that there will be enough space to accommodate your guests and party activities. Unless you have a large backyard space at home, your child’s birthday bash activities will be limited with what is available at the space. At the same time, it will also be more fun for kids since they tend to move around a lot. Having that open and wide space for them to enjoy the party is ideal.

In addition, party venues Healesville has to offer are equipped with a staff to help you with preparing the space for the event. From arranging tables and chairs, to fixing the place up once the party is over – all of these are taken care of by the staff. You no longer have to spend hours preparing the venue and then another set of hours cleaning your home from all of the mess.

Winning Party Venue Ideas

Whether you are choosing engagement venues Yarra Valley can offer or kids party venues, there are many considerations to be made. But if you want your kids to have a blast at their party, here are some ideas guaranteed to make them enjoy every moment of it:

Restaurant Party: Choose your child’s favorite restaurant and plan your party at that venue. For example, if this is a pizza place, you can invite the restaurant mascot to perform for the kids. A fun activity to try is to have the kids make their own pizza.

Swim Party: All kids love swimming and enjoy being in water parks or other similar attractions. You can therefore choose a venue with its own pool that kids can swim in. You can also incorporate games and other ideas that will involve swimming or water sports.

Bounce Party: Another favorite for kids are indoor play rooms! Thus, hosting a kids party in a bounce room can be a lot of fun for kids of all ages. The rooms should be equipped with giant inflatable slides, basketball nets, giant trampolines, and obstacle courses, among other things. The great thing about this type of venue is that there are endless activities for kids to try!

Still looking for party venue ideas? You can visit to find out more about how you can find the perfect venue for your next party!

Relieving The Stress of Event Planning

Two years later, the memories of her wedding day are still with Sandra. It was a day of much excitement and happiness for her, Ryan, their family and friends. The event had been largely successful – the décor, entertainment and service of refreshments had all been on-point. While her friends later remarked at how everything flowed smoothly, only she and Ryan knew the stress and headache that had beleaguered them over the course of the preparations. Had it not been for her mother in law who suggested party hire in Perth services, she reckons that she might as well have lost her mind!

Countless people who have ever been faced by the predicament of organising an event swear to the struggles of procuring services, supplies and equipment necessary its success. Nevertheless, there is a new, convenient way of ensuring that you get everything necessary for the big day; be it a corporate event, wedding, birthday party or any other kind of social gathering.

There are companies that offer different types of equipment that one would need to host such events for hire. To make things easier than they already are, you might wish to make a checklist of all the equipment that you will need for the day. This might be another task and thus, you may need the aid of a seasoned event organiser and start with it as early on as possible.

A basic checklist of equipment necessary for an event

Certainly, the equipment you will require to host the occasion will be dependent squarely on the kind of event it is. Nevertheless, there are some basic equipment requirements that cut across all celebrations and therefore, are worth considering in your checklist:

1.       Sitting-related provisions

These take the form of chairs, tables and furniture for the podium/stage. Depending on the guests that will come to the event, you need to have a sitting plan in mind as it will make the selection of seats and tables easier. You could even have them accessorized to complement the theme of the occasion.

2.       Food and refreshment-related equipment

From heating and cooling equipment to service utensils, this group of requirements is probably the one that gives the most stress. You could have display equipment and even a mini bar on-site for stocking refreshments. To get the best party hire in Perth services, be sure to run through the equipment necessary under this category in good time to avoid inconveniences.

3.       Entertainment equipment

Thinking of a bit of music or dance for your guests? Want to have a night party with the venue all lighted up? Well, if you answered in the affirmative, your next task might just be finding the most reliable party hire in Perth service providers. Sound and public address systems, dance floors, as well as a wide variety of child amusement equipment can nowadays be hired.

Event hire services are especially a gem to those who have to organise parties under short notice. If you happen to be in Perth and are fretting about the prospects of putting up everything in place for the big day, Swan Event Hire may just be the solution you need. At, you can get more information about their services.

Getting Your Events Arranged by Catering Companies

One of the best places in Melbourne, where people love to dine and indulge in sinful exotic foods, is the Yarra Valley. For the delight of the people here only, catering companies are doing great business. And, for the same reasons the beautiful catering venues here are hired mostly to host a lot of events every month. People actually do love to party, and that is why weddings and functions, corporate meetings and family gatherings, baby showers and all other occasions are celebrated by people in the lovely and roomy venues in Yarra Valley. Dining is fun among the crowd of Melbourne, and thus good food and services of catering Yarra Valley firms provide are much sought after by the locals.

Great food by leading caterers in Melbourne

If you are also a part of Melbourne, then you must also be a food lover like others here. People here love to dine in style, and also love to feed their guests in style. Sometimes though style outweighs the pocket, yet budget friendly menus are always brought in the first place by the leading catering services in Melbourne. If you are planning an event in Melbourne or the Yarra Valley, then you must be looking for some great menu and that too within your budget. The time of the function will decide the menu. Whatever be your plans, be it a breakfast catering Melbourne firms provide, or a lunch catering Melbourne firms cater to, you will get it all delivered by professionals. These catering companies can arrange any type of menu for any occasion. See Essential Caterer.

Types of catering

The breakfast catering mostly suits well in case of corporate parties and meetings. This also demands a lesser budget as the food items are not heavy and quantitatively less too. Lunches are heavy, on the contrary, and always demand a higher budget than a breakfast party. The services of catering Yarra Valley firms provide are offered by professionals, who are smart in handling all these events and have a vivid menu to suit all occasions. The choice of cuisines and the dresses of the waiters and servicemen also differ as per the theme and requirement.

Whom to select for your catering

Whatever is your budget, and whatever be the requirement and the occasion, you will not just get the service, but also suggestions. The catering Yarra Valley companies are experienced enough to suggest and give best solutions for to parties and functions based on theme and budget. Any function catering Melbourne firms provide when handled by experts becomes a hit. And you should also keep a close watch on the most successful parties happening around you, as this will let you collect names of caterers, who do a good job naturally. Besides, the Internet also speaks a lot about the best event managers and caterers, and here also you will find good details.

After you read testimonials of old clients, you can select and shortlist some of the best catering companies in Melbourne. Further communication as regards the plans and menus, and venue choices can be done later. For more details visit