Can Vibration Machines Help Tone My Muscles?

Vibration machines from Cardio Tech have recently become a fad. But, do vibration machines work the miracles they claim? If you are looking to tone your muscles but have no time to insert exercise in your hectic schedule, you might have thought of getting a machine to do the heavy lifting. If you are unsure about the efficiency of these fitness machines, here are some need-to-know notes about vibration machines.

How the body works

Your body is a work of art and wonder. Your muscles, in particular, work overtime even when you are resting or asleep. Otherwise due to a medical condition, the muscles are constantly in a cycle of relaxation and contraction. The body uses up energy from the food you eat for proper muscle function. Increased activity, such as sports, exercise and manual work, results to increased muscle work and decreased stored energy in fat pockets. This means hitting the gym and sweating it out can burn excess fat and shape your muscles.

How vibration machines work

Cardio Tech explains the science behind vibration machines. The machine, as the name implies, vibrates and creates direct pressure on the body. The pressure applied acts as a stressor. As a response to this stressor, the muscles exert opposite pressure against the stressor to protect the body. The muscles contract and relax in effect as they do during physical activity. And like the river that cuts through beds, the stressor can help sculpt those muscles.

Will vibration machines work for YOU

If you have an active lifestyle that incorporates a routine of rigorous exercises and sports, then you can have vibration machines as an extra bonus. But if you have a busy lifestyle that includes lots of time sitting down or standing up, then whole body vibration machines can offer a ton of benefits particularly muscle toning. If you have medical conditions such as cardiovascular diseases, you can safely tone your muscles without the additional strain on your heart. Consult your doctor before the use of vibration machines to be safe. Remember, vibration may be contraindicated in some medical conditions.

Recent studies show that vibration machines are effective in aiding weight loss and muscle toning and building. However, vibration exercise machines are also found to lack some aspects versus regular exercise such as walking and swimming. The latter two allow you, for example, to do deep breathing and exercise your lungs and heart. The movement also exercises your skeletal muscles while removing wastes and toxins from your body by sweating it out.

So while the vibration machines work wonders, you also have to give yourself a dose of regular exercise. You can use the vibration machine for 15 minutes daily during your break time. And then, you can alternate it with regular exercise twice a month during the weekend. More importantly, feed yourself a well-balanced diet and pamper yourself with a healthy lifestyle.

Cardio Tech offers a wide range of vibration machines with various features. Visit to shop for the perfect exercise machine for you.

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