Benefits of Waxing Over Shaving

Your wedding day is drawing nearer by each passing day. You want to look your best on the big day. You are wondering whether you should do shaving or waxing on key parts of your body. Well, right now you are familiar with both terms. However, you may not know the hidden benefits that waxing as a method of hair removal has over shaving or plucking. Here are top reasons why you should look for a specialist for waxing Unley has to offer.

Waxing removes dead cells

At the time of waxing, the practice comes with added advantage of removing dead cells in addition to hair. On pulling the wax off the skin, dead cells on the covered place also come out, which is important because in most cases you may just concentrate on removing dead cells on your face and hands only. When you do waxing on different parts of the body, be sure that you have gotten rid of a significant amount of dead cells as well. For the best result, you should involve a specialist for waxing Unley has to offer.

Waxing works faster than shaving

Especially when you want to remove hair in hidden places such as armpits, you should be very careful with the razor. Just a small twist of the blade can lead to unwanted cut. The cut can be painful and may have major health consequences if you do not know what to do in case of a cut. Besides, a cut on an exposed part of the body can look awkward and lower your self-esteem during an important function. To avoid the embarrassment, you should engage a reliable specialist for waxing Unley currently has to provide the best quality of hair removal.

Waxing is readily available

You don’t have to visit high-end parlors to have your legs waxed. Today even the smallest parlors and salons have waxing accessories. There are two ways of waxing: you can spread molten wax on the area that you want to wax, and then remove the wax with a piece of cloth. Alternatively, you can use wax strips, which are now available in most stores. Read more Kabuki Hair

Simply mount the strip on the preferred area and pull it to remove the hair. This method is suitable if you do not want to visit a parlor regularly. You can find waxing in Unley by browsing websites of different service providers.

No sharp blade is involved

This probably is one of the most prominent advantages of waxing. Waxing involves only the strips or the wax and a piece of cloth, making it a safer method of hair removal than shaving. While you can feel pain at the time of pulling, it disappears within a few hours. Besides, waxing provides a more lasting solution than shaving because it removes the hair from the roots. Shaving will cut just a section of the hair above the skin, making it easier to re-grow quite faster. With waxing, the hair follicle is pulled so it takes time before another hair grows in the same place.

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