Authentic Asian Cuisine With Marion’s Kitchen

Ever had a failed attempt at an authentic Asian dinner using a Pad Thai recipe that looked easy at first glance? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Asian cuisine is particularly difficult to imitate especially if you didn’t grow up with it. There are so many factors that come into play that spells the difference between plain Singapore noodles and noodles that taste and look like they were actually cooked in Singapore.

People want to recreate an authentic Asian meal so they resort to making everything from scratch, searching for ingredients at obscure imported goods sections at groceries. However, it is difficult to replicate everything. For one thing, vegetables grown in Australia differ from those grown in Asia.

Recipes also come into play. Things like Thai curry recipes are precious secrets passed down from one generation to another. Even so-called authentic Asian cuisine is not entirely authentic – that honor is reserved for the real thing cooked in households for family dinners. However, some people are not contented with the typical Asian restaurant fare – they want the real thing, or something close to it.

Marion’s Kitchen

Marion Grasby is an esteemed chef with a mission. Although she has traveled all over the world, the taste of home cooking has never left her. So now, by using her family’s recipes, she has created Marion’s Kitchen. Her food range has helped busy people enjoy authentic Asian cuisine minus an expensive restaurant bill or a huge mess in the kitchen. Each box contains a recipe plus pre-packaged ingredients so that even beginners can make tasty Asian dinners in just a few minutes.

All products in the food range follow authentic Thai recipes that were passed down from generation to generation in Marion’s family. Now, everyone can enjoy and appreciate a good Asian meal, filled with bold flavors, tantalizing scents and appetizing spices. As with most Asian meals, the recipes are often a combination of meats, vegetables and rice or noodles, making it a perfect meal option for people who have a busy schedule but still want a tasty, nutritious meal.

Among Marion’s many products, the following have become home favorites among Australians:

  • Pad Thai recipe
  • San Choy Bow
  • Korma
  • Thai Green Curry

Marion’s Kitchen has gained steady ground in the Australian market and is now gaining a lot of love in parts of Asia and India. If you visit her website, Marion does more than just offer Pad Thai recipe. You can also find several recipes on the website that feature anything from rice, to chicken, to vegetables. All recipes on the site are authentic and easy to follow, even for those in a rush.

Some people think that you can only get the authentic flavor when you start from scratch and use only the best and most natural ingredients. However, Marion’s Kitchen offers not only natural and organic ingredients, but the ingredients were put together by someone who lived and breathed Asian cuisine for most of her life. You can’t go wrong with that.

So the next time you want to impress friends, relatives or even that special someone with a nice, simple authentic Asian dinner, you don’t have to go stress yourself over Asian ingredient hunting. Simply grab a box of Marion’s Kitchen’s authentic Asian meal recipes, follow the ingredients and savor the taste of authentic Asian cuisine without breaking a sweat.