Aged Care: A Health Crash Course

On a consensus made by the Australian government in 2011, it has been found out that the average age for Australia was 37.3. This was a little alarming since the average age for the previous year was 32.4. Yes, five years younger!  The same consensus also showed that 14 percent of the Australian population was aged 65 and above. That’s 3.12 million senior citizens that might need the care of one of the aged care Canberra has and one of your parents or grandparents might be one of them.

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With that being said, aged care is a very meticulous and detail oriented branch of health care. Because of how meticulous the said matter is, there are currently almost 300 thousand people in the aged care workforce. Below is a list of the things you should know about aged health care.

Health Care for the aged

When it comes to the needs of aged people, health must be the number one concern. As their age advances, their body slows down and becomes less efficient as compared to what it used to be before. Thus, they are prone to different health-related issues such as kidney failures and heart attacks. Although you cannot stop this as it is natural, but, with proper care and nursing facilities, you can keep things under check.

When you start availing the services from a Canberra aged care provider, you must note down the health issues of the individuals and get them checked regularly by a Physician to keep serious problems away. Regular checkup will ensure that any health issue that is in its primary stage is checked and treated before it becomes dangerous for the aged person.

Dietary Needs

With age, the digestive system becomes weak and food that you used to digest earlier easily becomes a little harder to grind. Aged people feel frustrated about it and usually need help with this. Their dietary needs are to be analyzed, if possible, with the help of a doctor. Their diet chart must be prepared and food must be given according to their needs. It should be nutritious and the required vitamins and minerals must be there.


The most important service of the aged care Canberra professional that you hired is nursing. Many people are there who are unable to move from one place to another. Hence, you must take good care of them. Give them medicine on time, take them for a stroll, help them while bathing, dressing and eating, etc. Check out The Quest Group

Social and Other Needs

According to, one out 9 people who are aged 65 and above has Alzheimer’s. Luckily, this can be avoided by constant socialization and activity of the brain. Remember that the aged care Canberra has as your choice should provide overall wellness to your loved one. They should take care of the emotional, mental, physical and social health to ensure that your loved one is in a good state. So, be smart, do your homework and find the best aged care in Canberra that will take care of your loved one.

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