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    Every woman experiences the period called menopause or climax. It is the specific period in women life when estrogen development by ovaries terminates. Usually it comes at 50 years of age. Objectively it is revealed by estrogen level decrease in blood and menstrual periods termination. Generally the process is individual. Every woman experiences it in a different way. At the average the physiological process starts in women of 45-50 years of age and depends on various factors. Heredity plays a big role. Menopause may start earlier or later.

    Menopause is characterized by full termination of female sexual hormones development in the female organism, menstrual cycle disorders (change in discharge amount), change in mucous of vagina (dryness), and uterus reduction. A word ‘menopause’ literally translated from Latin means ‘end of menstrual bleeding.’

    Symptoms of menopause may appear about 51 years of age, but may be experienced earlier. The early beginning of menopause does not mean anything, just your organism feature. But women should be prepared for this process physically and morally. For this purpose it is better know some symptoms to reveal the beginning of menopause.

    Symptoms of menopause include: sudden changes in menstrual cycle, menstrual bleeding may be profuse or irregular; weight gain, especially in the belly, or on the contrary weight loss; sleep disorders or anxiety never experienced earlier; night disposition to sweating, accompanied by hot flush; unusual mood swings, depression without visible reasons; and irritability.

    Also you can face the following problems: sudden change in libido, sexual inclination may be increased or lowered, sudden change of short-term memory. Though menstrual periods are still stable and the doctors even recommend using contraceptive medication for protection, the women starts to understand that ageing process is inevitably coming, but different women relate to this state in different way. After the first symptoms of menopause, women experience menopause and worry. Some of them getting upset of thought that they cannot have children, but some, on the contrary, breathe freely with end of menstrual periods.

    However, a woman can react in different way, but the process is inevitable. All women pass through this period of life, just be ready.

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