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    Every woman experiences the specific period called menopause or climax. Menopause is a period in women characterized by disorder of estrogen hormones release. These hormones define activity of ovaries and hypophysis. Usually this process starts in the female organism after the age of 45 to 55 years, and its average duration is from 4 to 8 years.

    Menopause does not come in one moment, this process is complicated physically and psychologically. Generally the female organism has enough time to prepare for a new stage of the life because the process lasts for long and categorized by certain stages which help to manage with these changes.

    Menopause is divided into three stages: pre-menopause (from the beginning of lowering ovaries function to menopause), menopause (the last menstrual periods), and post-menopause (from the end of the last menstrual periods to the end of the life cycle). The process occurs gradually and woman is getting used to changes without serious affecting. But very often women feel menopause depression.

    The scientists have been trying for over the century to find correlation between menopause and depression. The physiological and psychological changes observed during menopause depression have not been studied yet. Many mood swings are caused by estrogen deficiency, however it is not always like this, so it cannot be explained by the specific factors. Menopause was always associated with the period when women are especially sensitive to mental disorders. However, psychological disorders depend on various factors. Very often these disorders are related to early menopause. Early menopause may arise due to many reasons, for example: surgeries, ovaries functionality lowering, diseases, and many other disorders.

    The beginning of the early menopause for many women signifies the end of life, but it is not like this. They cannot have children, they are getting older after menopause and these factors cause depression. After deep reflections, they may experience mood disorder hard to be treated.

    This female menopause depression problem has been studied for a long time by the doctors, and the clinical researches conducted to reveal menopause depression reasons define various results.

    It is difficult to make a specific conclusion on the basis of available analysis. Probably, we can say that menopause depression is not observed in all women, but many women experience these symptoms, especially in perimenopausal period.

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