• 23Apr
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    Welcoming a new baby into the home is of course an indescribably joyous occasion, but it can be a frightening one as well. One of the biggest challenges faced by new parents is how to properly childproof the home. After all, there are many items in the home that we take for granted, but which can be quite dangerous to little explorers. Before welcoming that new bundle of joy into the home, it is important to go room by room and make sure everything is safe and secure.

    The Nursery
    Let’s start at the logical place – the nursery or baby’s room. The room where the baby sleeps will need a number of childproofing and safety enhancements, such as:

    • Installing a baby monitor
    • Wrapping any curtain or blind cords and place them out of reach. Unwrapped curtain or blind cords could pose a strangulation hazard. Continue reading »

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  • 21Sep
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    Olive oil always occupied a special place in my grandmother’s home. Before she married and came to America, my grandmother had been a cook in the household of a family of Italian nobles in her native Sicily. She kept most everything near at hand, except for the olive oil and wine. I often wondered why the giant cans of olive oil were kept apart from the host of other cooking condiments and products she used in her household.

    Both these items were stored in the cellar until she could use them. When it was time to bring them to the kitchen, she placed the olive oil at the bottom of a cupboard in the pantry where it was cool and dark. There was only one grade of olive oil. Most olive oil had the same wonderful taste whether you used it to fry an egg with garlic or to sauté a wide array of herbs, vegetables, and meats. Both my grandparents would take weekly shopping trips by train to New York City’s Little Italy to buy products they could not obtain in their hometown markets. Continue reading »

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