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    Throughout history, women have searched for natural methods that would make labor and childbirth less difficult. Raspberry leaf tea has been used by pregnant women for centuries to tone and strengthen the uterus. This can help make labor more efficient and possibly lessen the amount of time a woman is in labor. There have only been a few scientific studies on the effects of raspberry leaf tea during pregnancy, and the results were somewhat inconclusive as to whether or not the tea truly shortened the labor process. However, many midwives and mothers swear by raspberry leaf tea and would recommend it to any pregnant woman.

    Besides its toning effect on the uterus, raspberry leaf tea is also thought to have many other benefits for pregnant women. Raspberry leaf tea is full of vitamins and minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron, manganese, vitamin E, vitamin B1, and vitamin B3, all of which are beneficial to your health and your baby‘s development. Drinking raspberry leaf tea can help lessen bleeding gums and nosebleeds, which are common occurrences during pregnancy.
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    Drinking calories can be the death of nearly any weight loss plan. Coca-Cola Corporation realized this and in 1982, they released the first new product since their line hit the store shelves in 1886 – Diet Coke. The Diet Coke ingredients have changed a few time in the past two-plus decades, sometimes containing saccharin, NutraSweet (aspartame) or a combination of both instead of sugar.

    Pop Culture
    Coke and Diet Coke commercials have become an integral part of the Super Bowl. Diet Coke pictures on the outside of the can have included polar bears during the winter season and bubbles during the summer. And even though the Diet Coke recipe may change from country to country, the Diet Coke logo remains the same, even if it is in various languages – the swoosh and font are recognizable throughout the world.

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