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    Water calms you down. The sound of running water calms you down even more. If you have the money and the space, have a waterfall installed in your garden. Make sure the water is recycled. When your blood pressure is up and your eyebrows down, get a comfortable chair and sit near the pond, watch the fish chase each other’s tails and practice deep breathing for ten minutes. Meditate. Feel the stress drain away. Maybe you’ll even fall asleep.

    On a cheaper scale, make a garden pond and fill it with water lilies or lotus plants and gold fish or koi. If you live in an apartment, use large and deep pots, put in some fish and water plants, and put them in a sunny, airy room. Buy a comfortable hammock. Hang it under the trees. Put chimes on branches and listen to them tinkle. Another stress buster.


    Massage reduces tension and anxiety while promoting calm and a feeling of well-being. Some companies offer massage services to their employees. It takes only a special chair and ten minutes to improve employer performance. If your company doesn’t offer it, suggest the massage therapy to management, citing its potential benefits to the company.

    If massage works for you then learn how to do it. Many companies offer massage therapy training. It is even available online. You can practice on yourself and your family. You can even organize massage sessions with your friends, your relaxing version of a pajama party. Another stress buster.


    You may have a tendency to brood, to keep thinking about someone or something that upset you until you say or do something you can’t take back. You have to break this unhealthy focus. Turn to something that you like to do and requires your total concentration. It could be writing a letter, giving yourself a manicure, or helping your son with his math homework. Whatever it is, it has to take your mind off that someone or something that upset you. After some time you’ll be calmer and able to view the problem more objectively. You’ll be able to make the right decisions.

    Confidence Building

    Women are trained from childhood to seek the approval of others. When they don’t get it, they lose their confidence and become anxious and depressed. Women should use this technique to gain back their self-confidence and become more assertive.

    Take a seat or lie down. Relax. You can close your eyes. Think of the things you have achieved in your life. Think of your many good traits. Repeat these things to yourself over and over again. Examples: I TRY HARD TO BE FAIR AND OBJECTIVE WHEN I MAKE DECISIONS. I AM HONEST AND TRUSTWORTHY. I CAN ACCEPT CRITICISM. I HAVE RAISED CONSIDERATE AND RESPONSIBLE CHILDREN.

    Man versus Nature

    For the physically fit. Try climbing a small hill if not a mountain. Focus all your energies on reaching the top. Stop thinking of problems. They do not exist on that mountain. Let your sweat run. When you arrive at the top, you will feel drained not only of energy but also of stress. If there’s no mountain nearby, try getting to the 20th floor of a building. Another stress buster. Also helps you keep fit if you do it regularly.

    Places to Remember

    There are places where you feel at peace. It could be the beach, a church, a cafй, a park. Visit those places when you feel stressed out. Do your deep breathing exercises while there. Meditate. Bring someone you love to that special place and talk about the good times you’ve had. A Valentine stress buster!

    Maybe you have your own person stress buster. Use it when needed and reap the benefits.

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