• 19Mar
    Menopause Comments Off

    Menopause is a natural period of the woman’s life. It is not supposed to be treated. You should know what is this and what to do. There are certain symptoms and risk associated with health because of estrogen level drop in the female organism, but it is able to be cured.

    Menopause (Climax) is a specific period in every woman’s life characterized by termination of menstrual periods, and various psychological and physical changes. Menopause is  characterized by estrogen hormones development disorder. Menopause is considered to come when a woman does not observe any blood drops of the menstrual periods during a year. Usually this process comes at 45-56 years of age and lasts for a long time. Menopause lasts for long because the process has serious consequences and cannot quickly change the whole organism. There are several stages to help women to prepare to this process better. It occurs for relieving symptoms and other reactions. Recently the climax treatment has been considered as important.

    During general aging changes, the climacteric changes are experienced in the reproductive system. The sexual hormones developed by ovaries affect functions of various systems. So, if there is estrogen deficiency, osteoporosis, hormonal cardiopathy, depressions, age-related psychoses, including climacteric syndrome may be observed. Continue reading »

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  • 12Mar

    Every woman experiences the period called menopause or climax. It is the specific period in women life when estrogen development by ovaries terminates. Usually it comes at 50 years of age. Objectively it is revealed by estrogen level decrease in blood and menstrual periods termination. Generally the process is individual. Every woman experiences it in a different way. At the average the physiological process starts in women of 45-50 years of age and depends on various factors. Heredity plays a big role. Menopause may start earlier or later.

    Menopause is characterized by full termination of female sexual hormones development in the female organism, menstrual cycle disorders (change in discharge amount), change in mucous of vagina (dryness), and uterus reduction. A word ‘menopause’ literally translated from Latin means ‘end of menstrual bleeding.’

    Symptoms of menopause may appear about 51 years of age, but may be experienced earlier. The early beginning of menopause does not mean anything, just your organism feature. But women should be prepared for this process physically and morally. For this purpose it is better know some symptoms to reveal the beginning of menopause. Continue reading »

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  • 05Mar

    Climax is not a disease or disorder of the organism. Menopause is a transient state between two life stages of women when menstrual bleeding terminates. Various symptoms testify about hormonal changes during menopause. If consider menopause signs, the first is the age. Menopause occurs in certain age, therefore knowing approximate period we can compare to other signs and realize that menopause has come. The exact age of climax is impossible to define, because the processes responsible for ovaries activity have not been studied yet. Also we can say that this process occurs individually, but certain average time frames of menopause coming can be defined. It is the age of 45-56 years. However, as it was told above, it can be observed individually, earlier or later. The shorter time intervals between menstrual periods can be the first sign of menopause approaching. During menopause, menstrual periods come unexpectedly.

    Before climax bone density and cholesterol level are decreased leading to cardiovascular diseases. The following first signs can testify about menopause: mood swings, depression, chronic weakness, headaches, change of menstrual cycle, pain, spasms, blood sugar fluctuations, body water retention, sleep disorder, low libido, painful urination and skin ageing. Continue reading »

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  • 26Feb

    The female organism experiences specific changes in the certain period. These changes is called menopause. Menopause is a process experienced by every woman at the certain age of physical and psychological origin.

    Climax is the physiological state of the woman’s organism when hormonal background is changed, ovaries and hypophysis functionality is lowered. The main clinical symptom of climax is termination of menstrual periods.

    However some problems, such as depression and body weight changes during menopause may be observed. It happens because the metabolism process in the woman’s organism is decreased, therefore healthy food and physical exercises have a great value. The prophylaxis of overweight is important for one more reason: fast body weight gain is scientifically proved to increase a fatal breast cancer number during the menopause.

    After menopause many women continuously fight against overweight. The questions regarding the problems associated with menopause remain without satisfying answers. However two Canadian food specialists have written a book about a diet for woman during this period and how certain vitamins and minerals containing in food can substitute for hormones. Continue reading »

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  • 19Feb

    Every woman experiences the specific period called menopause or climax. Menopause is a period in women characterized by disorder of estrogen hormones release. These hormones define activity of ovaries and hypophysis. Usually this process starts in the female organism after the age of 45 to 55 years, and its average duration is from 4 to 8 years.

    Menopause does not come in one moment, this process is complicated physically and psychologically. Generally the female organism has enough time to prepare for a new stage of the life because the process lasts for long and categorized by certain stages which help to manage with these changes.

    Menopause is divided into three stages: pre-menopause (from the beginning of lowering ovaries function to menopause), menopause (the last menstrual periods), and post-menopause (from the end of the last menstrual periods to the end of the life cycle). The process occurs gradually and woman is getting used to changes without serious affecting. But very often women feel menopause depression.

    The scientists have been trying for over the century to find correlation between menopause and depression. The physiological and psychological changes observed during menopause depression have not been studied yet. Many mood swings are caused by estrogen deficiency, however it is not always like this, so it cannot be explained by the specific factors. Menopause was always associated with the period when women are especially sensitive to mental disorders. However, psychological disorders depend on various factors. Very often these disorders are related to early menopause. Early menopause may arise due to many reasons, for example: surgeries, ovaries functionality lowering, diseases, and many other disorders. Continue reading »

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  • 12Feb

    If men hardly survive the beginning of the middle-age-crisis, the end of it is far harder for women. Women feel approaching the middle age more sensually. Significant changes are going in the female organism. If say more precisely this is an approaching menopause (climax). This physiological process is specific and though it is inevitable for every woman in certain age, but it is discussed not too much. Women can tell, for example, about their marriage, divorce, facial surgery, their preferences in sex and drug addiction, even about their body weight. But they never tell about approach menopause.

    Menopause is an exact undeniable symptom of age. When this period is approaching, life of women starts to be changed. Though healthy food, sport activity and good gens protect your appearance, you do not lose your attraction, you look healthy, nevertheless, approaching menopause, most likely, makes you to remember many terrible stories associated with this period of the life.

    Climax is a physiological state of the woman’s organism when a hormonal background is changed, ovary and hypophysis functionality is lowered. Main clinical symptom of climax is the menstrual flow termination. Many women consider this process as very negative and with its approaching are getting upset, but some woman on the contrary are happy to this change of their life and thereafter they are busy and full of joyful life. But this depends on many factors: the process, the organism tolerance, symptoms, and also a menopause age plays a very important role. Continue reading »

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  • 02Feb
    Menopause Comments Off

    Every woman reaches a certain period in her life when she feels she is getting older and her body shows all signs of this process. Except usual ageing of the organism, women experience such physiological process as menopause.

    Menopause is a normal physiological process in certain age in all women. So, having reached the certain age, every woman passes this process that changes her further life. Menopause is one of physiological processes affecting the whole organism. This process is called climax that means from Greek a ‘step’ to a new life because it is a period of numerous changes. Menopause is characterized by female estrogen hormones development disorder. The doctors call this process the full termination of menstrual periods. During menopause the hormonal background is changed, ovaries and hypophysis functionality is decreased leading to menstrual periods termination, change of vagina mucous (dryness), and uterus reduction.

    Menopause, except hormonal background change, is characterized by the most unpleasant property, ageing. Really, menopause is a synonym of ageing of women. Menopause starts usually in women at the age of 45-50 years and depends on different factors. Sometimes menopause may start earlier or later. Some women are afraid of approaching menopause and consider these changing as something horrible, some women, on the contrary, face the changes as a new stage of the life. Every woman considers this physiological process and this stage in different way according to her opinion. Continue reading »

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  • 05Nov
    Miscarriage Comments Off

    To many women, a miscarriage can seem like the end of the road – a human life has been created within their body, and now, for unexplained reasons, the pregnancy has come to an end.  If you have experienced one or more miscarriages in the past, or think you may be facing one presently, there are a few important things for you to keep in mind as you look to move forward with your life and your family.  Although miscarriage is a heartbreaking experience, you can learn from what has happened in order to make yourself stronger and better informed as you plan for the future.
    Continue reading »

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  • 10Sep
    Infertility Comments Off

    IVFThe number of In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) procedures performed each year is rising as 1 in 7 couples suffer from infertility.  IVF can be a very stressful process, both mentally and physically, and can have a detrimental impact both on individuals and relationships.  There are a number of steps that couples can take to ensure that they are fully prepared for IVF and also to increase the chance of success.
    Continue reading »

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  • 24Aug

    Mirena Hormonal IUD

    Choosing a method of contraception is a personal decision many women face.  The Mirena Hormonal Intra-Uterine Device (IUD) was first introduced in Finland in 1990, and has since become a popular form of birth control in many other countries including the U.S.  While the Mirena IUD is not right for everyone, it can be a highly effective, maintenance free choice for family planning.

    The Mirena IUD is a T-shaped plastic device that is inserted into the uterus by a physician.  The insertion may cause discomfort for some patients, but once put in place, the IUD should be undetectable.  A thin string from the base of the IUD will protrude from the cervix, allowing for removal.  Women should check for the string once per month to ensure the device is still in proper position.  The string should not be tugged on because this may result in the accidental removal of the IUD.   Continue reading »

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