Important Concerns for Undergoing Lasik Eye Surgery

People who use contacts or glasses go through Lasik surgery for varied reasons and a lot of patients have done this in the past with success. Certain guidelines are however important to follow for one to ensure having the best outcome from surgery. One can find useful preoperative tips by checking out websites like

Consulting with an Eye Specialist

It is important to consult with an eye practitioner before deciding to undergo Lasik eye surgery. Ensure providing information about any previous eye diseases you might have experienced in the past as it helps in determining your eligibility for the surgery. One needs to respect all instructions provided both pre-operatively and post-operatively.

Limitations on Driving

An ophthalmologist will discuss all important details with you shortly before surgery. Driving any vehicle is generally forbidden shortly after surgery. The length of this period normally depends upon the time-frame that your eyes require to heal naturally. Certain patients can resume driving two days at least after undergoing the operation. People with high light-sensitivity are advised strongly to put on sunglasses when driving during the day.

Keeping Doctor’s Appointments

Make sure not to forget or miss the post-operative meeting scheduled with your eye care specialist. These are designed to ensure the healing process goes well. They are meant to take place for between a week and three months after Lasik surgery is done. People in need of consulting with an eye specialist can find help from among other websites.

Avoiding Make-Up Applications

Using make-up such as lipstick and facial lotions is yet another common mistake that people are prone to doing after eye surgery. In general, one should avoid wearing any make-up for three days at least prior to or after surgery. Some Lasik surgeons even advise their patients not to have any make-up on two days after the operation takes place.

Protecting the Eyes

The eye specialist will also ask that except for introducing eye-drops you avoid touching your eyes. Nothing should be allowed to be applied on the area surrounding the eyes. Some patients even have to use eye protectors as a covering for the eyes when sleeping. The protectors are custom-built to prevent any poking or rubbing of the eyes when one is asleep. Touching the eyes has the potential of increasing infection-risk, which could interfere with the healing process. Read more at Milan Eye Center

Resuming Normal Life after Surgery

Someone should avoid exercising for two days after going through Lasik surgery. Still it is critical to observe great caution upon resuming sporting activities even after this period. Indoor activities can be performed a day after surgery whereas outdoor ones would require eye-shields. General activities such as reading, watching TV and working on the computer are allowable a day after surgery, normally with use of eye drops.

Other activities like having sex, playing with children and sunbathing are sound to practice after three days provided one takes proper care. Physical activities like fighting and jogging are allowed after one week. However, extreme activities will require one to have permission from a Lasik surgeon but they are generally allowable three months after undergoing surgery. Visiting can prove to be enlightening for instance to patients seeking for tips on Lasik and other eye care procedures.


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乳幼児のアレルギー予防や、乳酸菌の革命によってヤセミを増やすような問題に取り組むなど、懸念が現れた時には、これはもっと真実です。今日の主流メディアのファンシープロバイオティクス製品のほかに、赤ちゃんの乳酸菌の革命によってもたらされた乳酸菌サプリメントのような製品について医師に相談する必要があります。See more at momo


Can Vibration Machines Help Tone My Muscles?

Vibration machines from Cardio Tech have recently become a fad. But, do vibration machines work the miracles they claim? If you are looking to tone your muscles but have no time to insert exercise in your hectic schedule, you might have thought of getting a machine to do the heavy lifting. If you are unsure about the efficiency of these fitness machines, here are some need-to-know notes about vibration machines.

How the body works

Your body is a work of art and wonder. Your muscles, in particular, work overtime even when you are resting or asleep. Otherwise due to a medical condition, the muscles are constantly in a cycle of relaxation and contraction. The body uses up energy from the food you eat for proper muscle function. Increased activity, such as sports, exercise and manual work, results to increased muscle work and decreased stored energy in fat pockets. This means hitting the gym and sweating it out can burn excess fat and shape your muscles.

How vibration machines work

Cardio Tech explains the science behind vibration machines. The machine, as the name implies, vibrates and creates direct pressure on the body. The pressure applied acts as a stressor. As a response to this stressor, the muscles exert opposite pressure against the stressor to protect the body. The muscles contract and relax in effect as they do during physical activity. And like the river that cuts through beds, the stressor can help sculpt those muscles.

Will vibration machines work for YOU

If you have an active lifestyle that incorporates a routine of rigorous exercises and sports, then you can have vibration machines as an extra bonus. But if you have a busy lifestyle that includes lots of time sitting down or standing up, then whole body vibration machines can offer a ton of benefits particularly muscle toning. If you have medical conditions such as cardiovascular diseases, you can safely tone your muscles without the additional strain on your heart. Consult your doctor before the use of vibration machines to be safe. Remember, vibration may be contraindicated in some medical conditions.

Recent studies show that vibration machines are effective in aiding weight loss and muscle toning and building. However, vibration exercise machines are also found to lack some aspects versus regular exercise such as walking and swimming. The latter two allow you, for example, to do deep breathing and exercise your lungs and heart. The movement also exercises your skeletal muscles while removing wastes and toxins from your body by sweating it out.

So while the vibration machines work wonders, you also have to give yourself a dose of regular exercise. You can use the vibration machine for 15 minutes daily during your break time. And then, you can alternate it with regular exercise twice a month during the weekend. More importantly, feed yourself a well-balanced diet and pamper yourself with a healthy lifestyle.

Cardio Tech offers a wide range of vibration machines with various features. Visit to shop for the perfect exercise machine for you.

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Why You Should Consult a Reliable After Hours General Practitioner for your Family’s Health

The after hours general practitioner is a savior who comes to your aid in times of medical emergencies. According to the latest news, the statistical increase in the number of such after-hour practitioners has risen by almost 1200% all over the world. The concept of the after hours gp Brisbane wide is on the increase. More and more people are getting aware of the after-hours practitioners and call them in the case of any emergency requirements. Such services have many advantages. Some of them are listed below.


  • Emergency Services: Though there are fixed timings in the hospitals and private clinics during which a doctor generally sees a patient, at times, an after hours general practitioner also sits in such clinics. The main aim of such medical practitioners is to provide assistance to those in need beyond the actual hours of service. Medical services do not tell and come. They can occur at the most unlikely times of your lives. In fact, they even take shifts during festivals and festive season so that they are available at the times they are required the most. Thus, to provide you with the needful medical assistance, a gp after hours Brisbane market has today is always at your service.
  • Rapport with patients: An after-hour general practitioner builds a rapport with his patients on a slow and steady basis. Usually, you prefer to go to a doctor whom you have been going to for quite some time. This is because you share a level of comfort with the doctor. Also, because he or she is aware of your medical history. Often when you visit after hours gp in Brisbane they do not know you or your history, yet they take care of you in such hospitable ways that you tend to build a rapport with them and visit them whenever needed. Building a rapport with your medical practitioner takes away the fright or nervousness one often tends to experience while at a hospital or clinic.
  • Cooperative and coordinative: All after hour general practitioners are very cooperative and coordinative in nature. They listen to the patients’ queries and problems and take immense care to diagnose their discomfort. After diagnosing they also provide medicines or advice for immediate relief. If the condition of the patient is serious then short term treatment is certainly provided and follow-ups are looked into if necessary.
  • Follow up on serious cases: At times, some of the patients who come to the doctor after normal hours, come with serious problems. Depending on the level of seriousness such cases are often followed up in order to gauge the progress of the treatment. This is done by the caring general practitioners who are always concerned about each of their patients. Such hospitality is overwhelming and represents not only caring doctors but a great service from the medical fraternity. It highlights that the doctors truly care for their patients no matter how big or small the problem is.

Thus, these are some of the advantages an after hours general practitioner offers. These are reasons enough to avail the facility and make sure that no disease is left untreated by the professionals. To know more about these services you can log on to